Garth Restaurant

Garth Restaurant Concept

Southern European Neo Bistro in The Nine Lounge, Mall of the Emirates
‘Garth’ /ɡɑːθ/ - a middle English for a green yard, enclosed by cloisters, was chosen to resemble the key visual element of the restaurant - the landscaped green terrace at the back. As a first name in English as well, Garth adds masculinity to the archetype of the brand
Garth is a Southern European Neo-bistro with fine dining level of food, adapted to a more approachable urban vibe of serving and ambience. The menu is built around the respect to the Italian, Greek and Southern French cuisine with the contemporary techniques and the gastronomically rich sharing concept. A special Raw bar offers the variety of contemporary raw fish and seafood plates, while the other sections combine the Dubai beloved meat, fish and greens. The food serves the purpose of giving options to a gastro adventure and at the same time maintaining very perceptive hero dishes that can solve the every day lunch dilemma, as well as a special dinner occasion.

The food is designed by Mohamed Musthafa and Sergei Andreychenko, a celebrity Moscow Chef behind Ritz Carlton Moscow food scene, Sartoria Lamberti and a huge France experience behind his back.
Artichoke Hummus
Beef Tartare with Artichoke Chips
Japanese Black Cod
Endives Salad
Beef Tenderloin
White Asparagus with Black Caviar
Garth is about the dualism of classics and the signature cocktail carte by Sudeera Lakmal Fernando. The spirits are chosen to describe the whole variety of tastes, with the entry point of premium casual items up to the selective bottles. The wine selection is centered around the Old World and with the New World premium selections to fulfill the palate assortment.
GARTH is built in a Modernism direction with all the beautiful philosophy of Enlightenment, embracing the creativity, human centered materialism, innovation and art. The sound design is produced by a Moscow team of the new wave funk, soul, jazz, chill rave and afro beats streams. The performances at GARTH will be combining the electronic chill rave sounds for the terrace evenings and the live contemporary soul acoustic piano music for the special dinners at the restaurant. GARTH is set to be a courageous and open minded urban Neo Bistro with a non-pathos vision on Southern European cuisine and drinks that can become ‘your own place for all those in-between and -after time where I’m being taken care individually’.

Some additional benefits
Our very own Cigar Lounge with the uniques selection of cigars and the contemporary light approach to its ambience Modernism inspired Broadcast program on the LED screens (not just sports) Special events in collaborations with artists, speakers, business communities Signature parties by GARTH every month for the members and regular guest
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